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  • Sebelumnya
  • F.T. Island - I Hope (바래) MV [HD] 
    F.T. Island - I Hope (바래) MV [HD] Sorry about video quality not really HD I will re-upload once I find out if I won't be having any problems with this MV due to copyrights and once I find one with better video quality to convert to HD. - Remember to subscribe to my backup account: http://www.youtu
  • Fugitive Plan.B OST (2010) - Glory -Kimi ga iru kara- 
    Kieko (Takako Uehara) song from Episode 4 English Translation When I wanted to speak, I could not say half of it When we meet, I could look at those eyes that are surrounding me I am near, the dream shines upon the story of the time we meet The smile that you silently gave me was very delig
  • Fugitive:Plan B (2010) OST - Changin' my heart 
    Song by Kieko (Takako Uehara) from Episode 3
  • PV_YUI-Rain 
  • Hey say JUMP ARIGATOU Sekai no Doko ni Itemo PV 
    Not owned by me. Taken from Livejournal; Daichin. I do not know why it's lagging, and near the end the sound loses synch;;; i apologize for that. HD will pop up sonner or later~ Cant wait for it.... And personal thoughts.. well i like this PV quite alot.. though those star wars style costumes really
  • Yiruma: Before Stars Sleeping 
    Website: Audio available through site.
  • Yiruma - River Flows in You 
    Yiruma - River Flows in You
  • L'Arc~en~ciel-Blurry Eyes 
    One of my favs song from them!!hope u'll enjoy it like i do! DISCLAIMER: hope YT won't delete this vid..ya have (own) it so i shouldn't be any problem ^^ Laruku u'r the best band so keep up the great work , i always enjoy ur songs!
  • ☻Extreme-More Than Words With Lyrics☻ 
    Band:Extreme Song:More Than Words WITH LYRICS! P.s. i sorta messed up while making the video! Half of the vid is with that backround and the other half is just black! SOO SORRY!! I totaly forgot to add the backround when i was done at the end of the vid! Hey! My mom sang this song in high sh
  • Camp Rock - Demi Lovato - This Is Me - Movie Version - Best Quality / Super HQ 
    Official Final Jam/Movie Version for "This Is Me" / "Gotta Find You" from the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) "Camp Rock", featuring Demi Lovato as Mitchie Torres and Joe Jonas as Shane Gray. ______________________________________ Disclaimer: I do not own this video, or its content. Th
  • Rain - Love song (official M/V) 
    Rain, Han ye-sul appeared in music video
  • Without saying Park Shin Hye 
    My favorite part in ep 7 - You're beautiful Subtitled by KST
  • WIthout Words-Park Shin Hye (English Cover) 
    I did a cover of You're Beautiful's song "Without Words" which was sung by Park Shin Hye in the series, and I was just truly lucky to be able to record it. I will delete mean comments, and probably block you, so be warned. DISCLAIMER: I don't own "Without Words", Park Shin Hye, OR the footage fro