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Exponential expression


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

powExponential expression


number pow ( number $base , number $exp )

Returns base raised to the power of exp.


In PHP 4.0.6 and earlier pow() always returned a float, and did not issue warnings.



The base to use


The exponent

Return Values

base raised to the power of exp. If the result can be represented as integer it will be returned as type integer, else it will be returned as type float. If the power cannot be computed FALSE will be returned instead.


Version Description
Since 4.0.6 The function will now return integer results if possible, before this it always returned a float result. For older versions, you may receive a bogus result for complex numbers.
Since 4.2.0 PHP stops to emit a warning if the value can't be computed, it will now silently return FALSE only.


Example #1 Some examples of pow()


(pow(28)); // int(256)
echo pow(-120); // 1
echo pow(00); // 1

echo pow(-15.5); // PHP >4.0.6  NAN
echo pow(-15.5); // PHP <=4.0.6 1.#IND

See Also

  • exp() - Calculates the exponent of e
  • sqrt() - Square root
  • bcpow() - Raise an arbitrary precision number to another
  • gmp_pow() - Raise number into power

Home>Manual>Exponential expression