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CSS Border-spacing Property

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CSS border-spacing Property

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The border-spacing property sets the distance between the borders of adjacent cells (only for the "separated borders" model).

Inherited: Yes

JavaScript Syntax

CSS properties can also be dynamically changed with a JavaScript.

Scripting Syntax:"15px"

In our HTML DOM tutorial you can find more details about the borderSpacing property.

In our HTML DOM tutorial you can also find a full Style Object Reference.


border-spacing: 10px

Possible Values

Value Description
length length Defines the distance in px, cm, etc. If one length parameter is specified, it defines the horizontal and vertical spacing. If two length parameters are specified, the first sets the horizontal spacing and the second sets the vertical spacing. Lengths may not be negative


Try-It-Yourself Demos

Set the space between table borders
This example demonstrates how to set the space between table borders.

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