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Flash Tutorial

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Flash Tutorial

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Flash Tutorial


Flash is a tool for creating interactive and animated Web sites! In our Flash tutorial you will learn how to start using Flash in your applications.

Start learning Flash now!

Table of Contents

Introduction to Flash
What is Flash? Advantages of Flash compared to animated images and Java Applets.

Flash How to
What do you need to view Flash? What do you need to create Flash movies? Where to start?

Flash in HTML
How to embed a Flash movie into an HTML page.

Flash Tweening
With Tweening you can create movements and changes in a Flash movie. In this chapter you will learn how to make an object move across the screen.

Flash Guide Tween
How to move an object from one location to another along a specified path.

Flash Tint Tween
How to change the color of an object.

Flash Shape Tween
How to change one object into another.

Flash Button 1
How to insert an image, convert it to a button, and add a URL to it so it becomes a link.

Flash Button 2
How to create your own button and add a URL to it so it becomes a link.

Flash Animation
How to make a symbol turn around while moving from one location to another.

Flash Sound
How to deal with sound files in Flash.

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Home>Manual>Flash Tutorial