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HTML DOM History Object

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HTML DOM History Object

History Object

The History object is actually a JavaScript object, not an HTML DOM object.

The History object is automatically created by the JavaScript runtime engine and consists of an array of URLs. These URLs are the URLs the user has visited within a browser window.

The History object is part of the Window object and is accessed through the window.history property.

IE: Internet Explorer, F: Firefox, O: Opera.

History Object Properties

Property Description IE F O
length Returns the number of elements in the history list 4 1 9

History Object Methods

Method Description IE F O
back() Loads the previous URL in the history list 4 1 9
forward() Loads the next URL in the history list 4 1 9
go() Loads a specific page in the history list 4 1 9

From (Copyright Refsnes Data)

Home>Manual>HTML DOM History Object