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HTML DOM IFrame Object

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HTML DOM IFrame Object

IFrame Object

The IFrame object represents an HTML inline frame.

For each instance of an <iframe> tag in an HTML document, an IFrame object is created.

IE: Internet Explorer, F: Firefox, O: Opera, W3C: World Wide Web Consortium (Internet Standard).


Property Description IE F O W3C
align Sets or returns how to align an iframe according to the surrounding text 6 1 9 Yes
contentDocument Returns the iframe's document as an HTML object No 1 9 Yes
frameBorder Sets or returns whether or not to display a border around an iframe No 1 9 Yes
height Sets or returns the height of an iframe 5 1 9 Yes
id Sets or returns the id of an iframe 4 1 9 Yes
longDesc Sets or returns a URL to a document containing a description of the iframe contents 6 1 9 Yes
marginHeight Sets or returns the top and bottom margins of an iframe 5 1 9 Yes
marginWidth Sets or returns the left and right margins of an frame 5 1 9 Yes
name Sets or returns the name of an iframe 5 1 9 Yes
scrolling Sets or returns whether or not an iframe should have scrollbars No 1 No Yes
src Sets or returns the URL of the document that should be loaded into an iframe 5 1 9 Yes
width Sets or returns the width of an iframe 5 1 9 Yes

Standard Properties

Property Description IE  F O W3C
className Sets or returns the class attribute of an element 5 1 9 Yes
dir Sets or returns the direction of text 5 1 9 Yes
lang Sets or returns the language code for an element 5 1 9 Yes
title Sets or returns an element's advisory title 5 1 9 Yes

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