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RDF Reference

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RDF Reference

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The RDF Namespaces

The RDF namespace (xmlns:rdf) is:

The RDFS namespace (xmlns:rdfs ) is:

The RDF Extension and Mime Type

The recommended extension for RDF files is *.rdf. However, the extension *.xml is often used to provide compatibility with older xml parsers.

The registered mime type should be "application/rdf+xml".

RDFS / RDF Classes

Element Class of Subclass of
rdfs:Class All classes  
rdfs:Datatype Data types Class
rdfs:Resource All resources Class
rdfs:Container Containers Resource
rdfs:Literal Literal values (text and numbers) Resource
rdf:List Lists Resource
rdf:Property Properties Resource
rdf:Statement Statements Resource
rdf:Alt Containers of alternatives Container
rdf:Bag Unordered containers Container
rdf:Seq Ordered containers Container
rdfs:ContainerMembershipProperty Container membership properties Property
rdf:XMLLiteral XML literal values Literal

RDFS / RDF Properties

Element Domain Range Description
rdfs:domain Property Class The domain of the resource
rdfs:range Property Class The range of the resource
rdfs:subPropertyOf Property Property The property is a sub property of a property
rdfs:subClassOf Class Class The resource is a subclass of a class
rdfs:comment Resource Literal The human readable description of the resource
rdfs:label Resource Literal The human readable label (name)  of the resource
rdfs:isDefinedBy Resource Resource The definition of the resource
rdfs:seeAlso Resource Resource The additional information about the resource
rdfs:member Resource Resource The member of the resource
rdf:first List Resource  
rdf:rest List List  
rdf:subject Statement Resource The subject of the resource in an RDF Statement
rdf:predicate Statement Resource The predicate of the resource in an RDF Statement
rdf:object Statement Resource The object of the resource in an RDF Statement
rdf:value Resource Resource The property used for values
rdf:type Resource Class The resource is an instance of a class

RDF Attributes

Element Domain Range Description
rdf:about     Defines the resource being described
rdf:Description     Container for the description of a resource
rdf:resource     Defines a resource to identify a property
rdf:datatype     Defines the data type of an element
rdf:ID     Defines the ID of an element
rdf:li     Defines a list
rdf:_n     Defines a node
rdf:nodeID     Defines the ID of an element node
rdf:parseType     Defines how an element should be parsed
rdf:RDF     The root of an RDF document
xml:base     Defines the XML base
xml:lang     Defines the language of the element content
rdf:aboutEach     (removed)
rdf:aboutEachPrefix     (removed)
rdf:bagID     (removed)

Elements described as (removed) are removed from the latest RDF standard.

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