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SMIL Parallel

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SMIL in Parallel

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Objects inside the <par> element will be played at the same time (in parallel).

The Parallel Element <par>

The <par> element can have a number of attributes. The most common attributes are:

Attribute Value Description
begin time Sets the delay before the element is displayed
dur time Sets the duration for the display
endsync "first"|"last"|id(clip) Synchronizes the stopping of elements
repeatCount number Sets the number of repetitions for the display

For a full list of SMIL elements and attributes: W3Schools SMIL Reference.  


A parallel group of clips can be stopped at the same time using the endsync attribute in the <par> tag.

endsync="first" stops all the clips in the <par> group when the shortest clip are finished regardles of any time parameters set for the other clips.

endsync="last" concludes the <par> group when all clips have finished playing. This is the default.

endsync="id(ID)" concludes the <par> group when the clip with the identified (ID) clip are finished. The ID is referring to the value of the clips id attribute.

Example: Displaying Things Simultaneously

<html xmlns:t="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:time">
  <?import namespace="t" implementation="#default#time2">
  <style>.t {behavior: url(#default#time2)}</style>
type="wav" />
<t:seq repeatCount="indefinite">
  <h2 class="t" dur="1s">
  I will display for one second</h2>
  <h2 class="t" dur="2s">
  I will display for two seconds</h2>

Click here to try it yourself.

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