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SVG Examples

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SVG Examples

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Viewing SVG Files

All browsers support SVG files nowadays, except for Internet Explorer, which needs a plug-in. Those are available for free, as for example the Adobe SVG Viewer.

Viewing SVG Source

To view the SVG source, open the example and right-click in the example window. Select "View Source".

SVG Examples

SVG Shapes

A rectangle
A rectangle with opacity
A rectangle with opacity 2
A rectangle with rounded corners
A circle
An ellipse
Three ellipses on top of each other
Two ellipses
A line
A polygon with three sides
A polygon with four sides
A polyline
A path
A spiral

SVG Filters

A feGaussianBlur filter
Another feGaussianBlur filter
A feBlend filter
A feColorMatrix filter
A feComponentTransfer filter
A feOffset filter
feOffset, feFlood, feComposite, feMerge, and feMergeNode
A feMorphology filter

Filter 1
Filter 2
Filter 3
Filter 4
Filter 5
Filter 6

SVG Gradients

Grad linear (horizontal gradient)
Grad linear (vertical gradient)
Grad radial
Grad radial 2

SVG Misc

Add an <a> element to a rectangle. The rectangle will act as a hyperlink
Use a JavaScript to create an a element when the user clicks on a circle

Rectangle that repeatedly fade away over 5 seconds
Animate the x, y, width, and height attributes of a rectangle and change the color of the rectangle

Three rectangles that will change color

Text that will move along a motion path
Text that will move, rotate and scale along a motion path
Text that will move, rotate and scale along a motion path + a rectangle that will "grow" and change color

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