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W3C XML Activities

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W3C XML Schema Activities

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XML Schema is an XML-based alternative to DTD.

XML Schema Tutorial

To learn more about XML Schema, read our XML Schema tutorial.

XML Schema

XML 1.0 supports DTD for defining the structure of documents.

XML Schema has better support for applications, document structure, attributes, and data-typing.

Future versions of XML will rely on XML Schema for defining XML document types.

  • XML Schema Structures specifies the XML Schema definition language. 
  • XML Schema Data types specifies extensible data types for XML.

W3C XML Specifications and Timeline

Specification Draft / Proposal Recommendation
XML Schema (XSD)   02. May 2001

XML Schema 1.0: Structures

  02. May 2001

XML Schema 1.0: Datatypes

  02. May 2001
XML Schema (2.Ed)   28. Oct 2004

XML Schema Structures (2.Ed)

  28. Oct 2004

XML Schema Datatypes (2.Ed)

  28. Oct 2004
XML Schema Component Designators 29. Mar 2005  
XML Schema 1.1: Structures 20. Jun 2008  
XML Schema1.1:  Datatypes 20. Jun 2008  

W3C Reference:

W3C XML Schema Home Page

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