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WML anchor tag

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WML <anchor> tag

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The <anchor> tag defines an anchor (a link), which allows you to jump from one card/deck to another. The <anchor> tag always has a task ("go", "prev", or "refresh") specified. The task defines what to do when the user selects the link.

Note: Whenever it is possible, use the <a> tag instead of the <anchor> tag.

Note: It is not allowed to nest anchors.




Attribute Value Description
title cdata Defines a text identifying the link
xml:lang language_code Sets the language used in the element
class cdata Sets a class name for the element. The class name is case sensitive. An element can be connected to multiple classes. Multiple class names within the class attribute are separated by white space
id id  Sets a unique name for the element


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<card title="Anchor Tag">
 <anchor>Next page
  <go href="test.wml"/>

WML Reference Complete WML Reference

From (Copyright Refsnes Data)

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