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WML noop tag

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WML <noop> tag

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The <noop> task says that nothing should be done (noop stands for "no operation"). This tag is used to prevent an event from occurring.

Note: The <noop> tag can be inside a <do> or an <onevent> tag.




Attribute Value Description
class cdata Sets a class name for the element. The class name is case sensitive. An element can be connected to multiple classes. Multiple class names within the class attribute are separated by white space
id id Sets a unique name for the element


The example below uses a <do> tag to add a "Back" link to the card. When the user clicks on the "Back" link, he or she should be taken back to the previous card. But the <noop> tag prevents this operation; when the user clicks on the "Back" link nothing will happen:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

 <do type="prev" label="Back">

WML Reference Complete WML Reference

From (Copyright Refsnes Data)

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