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WML Reference

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WML Reference

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The links in the "Start tag" column points to more useful information about the specific tag. It also cover attributes of the specific tag and code examples!

Deck / Card Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<access> Defines information about the access control of a deck 1.1
<card> Defines a card in a deck 1.1
<head> Contains information about the document 1.1
<meta> Defines meta information about the document  1.1
<template> Defines a code template for all the cards in a deck 1.1
<wml>  Defines a WML deck (WML root) 1.1
<!-->  Defines a comment 1.1

Text Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<br> Defines a line break 1.1
<p>  Defines a paragraph 1.1
<table> Defines a table 1.1
<td> Defines a table cell (table data) 1.1
<tr> Defines a table row 1.1

Text Formatting Tags

Start tag Purpose WML
<b> Defines bold text 1.1
<big>  Defines big text 1.1
<em> Defines emphasized text 1.1
<i> Defines italic text 1.1
<small> Defines small text 1.1
<strong> Defines strong text 1.1
<u> Defines underlined text 1.1

Anchor Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<a> Defines an anchor (a link) 1.1
<anchor>  Defines an anchor (a link) 1.1

Image Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<img> Defines an image 1.1

Event Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<do> Activates a task when the user clicks on a word/phrase on the screen 1.1
<onevent>  Contains code to be executed when one of the following events occurs: onenterbackward, onenterforward, onpick, ontimer 1.1
<postfield> Contains information to be sent to the server along with a <go> tag 1.1

Task Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<go> Represents the action of switching to a new card 1.1
<noop>  Says that nothing should be done (noop stands for "no operation"). Used to override deck-level elements 1.1
<prev> Represents the action of going back to the previous card 1.1
<refresh> Refreshes some specified card variables. If any of the variables are shown on the screen, this task also refreshes the screen 1.1

Input Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<fieldset> Used to group together related elements in a card 1.1
<input>  Defines an input field (a text field where the user can enter some text) 1.1
<optgroup> Defines an option group in a selectable list 1.1
<option> Defines an option in a selectable list 1.1
<select> Defines a selectable list 1.1

Variable Elements

Start tag Purpose WML
<setvar> Sets a variable to a specified value in a <go>, <prev>, or <refresh> task 1.1
<timer>  Defines a card timer 1.1

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From (Copyright Refsnes Data)

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