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XForms Tutorial

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XForms Tutorial

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XForms Tutorial


XForms is the next generation of HTML forms.

In our XForms tutorial you will learn how to start using XForms in your applications.

Start learning XForms now!

Table Of Contents

Introduction to XForms
This chapter explains what XForms is and how it differs from HTML forms.

XForms Model
This chapter describes the XForms model.

XForms Namespace
This chapter describes the XForms namespace.

XForms Example
This chapter demonstrates an XForms example.

XForms and XPath
This chapter describes how XForms uses XPath to address data.

XForms Input
This chapter describes the XForms user interface controls.

XForms Data types
This chapter describes the data types used in XForms.

XForms Properties
This chapter describes XForms properties..

XForms Actions
This chapter describes XForms actions..

XForms Functions
XForms has some predefined functions. But you can also call functions defined in scripts.

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From (Copyright Refsnes Data)

Home>Manual>XForms Tutorial